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LikesXL starts a new business!

We are always on the lookout for new attractive business models for

our members and we have found a marvelous opportunity on today’s

fastest growing markets.

The LikesXL team has been looking for an attractive open source

crypto currency,

which is mined decentralized using safe blockchain technology

and is already well-developed.

Financial experts from all over the world

say that these new crypto currencies have a bright future because

unlike Bitcoin, they are best suited for fast digital payments.


Crypto currency – a touch of science fiction?

No, not in the least. Bitcoin has proved that crypto currencies are stable

and future-oriented. The new crypto currencies use reliable blockchain

technology, but are constantly evolving brand new secure codes and

therefore the market as well.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder“

It’s an easy principal.

Supply and demand regulate the price.

The number of coins generated is limited and defined in a secure

software script from the beginning.

 Mining is a highly complex computing service.

We will offer you different sizes of mining packs in which each pack size

has a specified lifetime, generating a different number of coins.

The coin we found for you is limited to 18 million.

Bitcoin is limited to 21 million in comparison.

The exclusive global distribution starts on the Xpro platform on the 

18thof September 2017 with a very specific marketing plan.

Watch out for further information in the next days and weeks!

The early bird catches the worm“ 

The number of coins generated is reduced by the

steadily growing blockchain.

That's why we are offering you this unique opportunity to join Xpro

right from the beginning to take advantage of

this fast growingmarket. 

Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime - 

because we are offering this unique opportunity only to existing LikesXL

members to be the first to benefit from the Xpro marketing plan.

How to participate?

  • All members of LikesXL, 

  • which have purchased 

  • at least 20 bids packs by 12.08.2017 

  • have the opportunity to buy Xpro mining packs in advance.

  • If you want to take part after the 14.08.2017, you must own 

  • at least 50 bids packs.

  • Between the 14.08. – 15.09.2017 (23:59 server time) 

  • only these LikesXL members can purchase Xpro mining packs 

  • in advance. 

  • (Attention – your commissions will be paid after the 18.09.2017

  •  which marks the official launch date of the Xpro platform.)

  • Attention – Bonus 

  • Every LikesXL member who has at least 500 bids backs or more

  •  when purchasing Xpro mining packs, 

  • gets 10 % more mining power for his Xpro mining packs.

Save the date and be part of this unique promotion.

You’ll be getting further information on this topic in the upcoming days.

Your LikesXL Team

Philippe Triple Diamant Marketing Consultant
"Success is only worth if it is shared" 

Tel: +33 658 195 004 Skype: vipclubsucces2012 

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